Punched in the Face!


I am Jack’s battered ego.

This is pretty much how we feel.

My body might not look this bad but my ego sure does.

It all started when my ego, brain, mind, heart and body were to take a short evening bus ride from town home after a great day.

Seated next to the conductor my body was first to pay the fare.

Shortly after we received a phone-call from a false friend querying for false facts for even more false implications.

We humored him.

We soon turned into the road that was to lead me home.

And he asked us for the fare.

I heard my mouth tell him that I had already paid, but HIS mouth kept saying things that made no sense.

Then POW! right on the kisser. ( OK it was on the right cheek, i’ve always wanted to say POW right on the kisser.)

…..realized we’d been hit!

Three things could then happen:

  • My ego said get out there and rip the guys throat out, FINISH HIM, annihilate HIM!!!
  • My brain said, there could be a logical conclusion to this exchange, ask him to count the money he just stuffed into his pocket, and he would apologize and we would all live happily ever after.
  • My fear asked what would happen if I got stabbed by the obviously Somali sword wielding idiot the guy was, no racism intended, and got jumped and killed, all for 50 bob, and die for arguing with idiots, like K-rupt.

A strange calm swept through us and I stepped out the matatu.

I watched him and his friend point fingers at me and word expletives.

Spitting blood, I wished bad bad things upon him as I took my 5 minute walk home.

These are the things that make someone swear never to go on Javmode again.






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