And When Its Not?

How am I to journey when its not?

I speak of life and never of dearth… of what is, has and hardly what is not.

To reconcile what is not, fails me;it is beyond substance, it goes against plans,goals,dreams,idle wishes,desires,lusts.

What is not mercilessly crushes my idea of future past. Yet absence claims an intangible…other state.

…without considering what is not, I walk a tightrope as though a highway. I walk with great purpose…Even as I walk into the dark.

How,am I to journey?

Am I ruled by Time, or Action?

The former goes without me, the latter, even when I choose not to act,is an equal course of action.

Time blurs as it rolls by,as I plough through, daily to,wherever I am going to.

And memories darken.

And action pushes for immediate jarring activity to regress or progress new pathways.

They collude against me, time and action,action within time.

And indeed, I am powerless,yet immensely powerful,as elements of time and action unfold on their own without intervention,but yet again, an action or inaction BY ME shifts my course.


Time,action and inaction are elements that proceed without my bidding.

And with this comes great peace,my own powerful powerlessness humbles my load.


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