Aunties on Planes

The Aunty Blog

Let’s face it. Aunties are the worst travel companions. They really, really are. Like, really. Here’s a diagram, in case it isn’t clear how strongly I feel about traveling with aunties.

Pain on a Plane

For starters, an aunty never travels without a colic infant or excess baggage.

Crying babies on planes

If you’re the unlucky git sitting next to the aunty, rest assured that your flight will be an excruciating blur of excessively personal questions, rishta talk and baby screams.

Yelling Nahiii

If there are forms to fill on the flight, the aunty will make a gavaachi gaan (translation: lost cow) face and ask you where she can find her passport number.


When you go to the bathroom, the aunty will follow you, stand outside the stall and knock every two seconds. EVEN WHEN THERE ARE EMPTY STALLS EVERYWHERE!

I will kill you.

Within a split second of  landing, the aunty will attempt to remove her luggage and wrestle…

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