Pulled Over In A Snow Plow?

104.3 JAMS

Guess if your going to do something really stupid, the least you could do is make it big!

That’s what a 24 year old guy from western Illinois is charged with doing.  He was busted for DUI, which is bad enough, but cops say he was also driving a stolen salt truck at the time.

Police say the man did 20 grand worth of damages while they were chasing him down.  By the way, he wont just be charged with DUI, he’s also facing burglary and motor vehicle theft charges.  He also tried to flee so there’s that charge and several more too!  Not surprisingly, cops say he was driving on a suspended license!  Looks like he won’t be behind the wheel of anything for a long, long time.

I’m thinking that maybe they should go easy on him.  Maybe he was just trying to help!  I mean, it is…

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