First Day Back

Laughter Is The Best Medicine...

Hi people of the internet! 

Well today was my first day back after christmas break and I was greeted at 8 this morning with a group of winy ass stupid litttle annoying idiot.. (I’ll stop in a moment) 12 to 13 year old boys on my bus. I really do hate them, and hate is a strong word. They are all of the above to be honest. Anyway, my first lesson granted me with my coursework which I only have 2 and a half hours to do and I forgot my book. Great. No worries used my partners. Second then gave me another coursework, but this time BUSINESS STUDIES yayyyy no. I sat there and watched Joey Graceffa make a tiny happy meal. I was tired, I had a terrible nights sleep, I was in bed for 11, but didnt get to sleep until 1am. I had to be up…

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