Fender Bender? Got A Camera!


Yesterday morning as I drove to the city, my trip was disrupted by a woman

driving ahead of me.  She was most likely driving a stick shift Toyota
when at Muthaiga Market (has a small hill as you join on to Parklands) her
car slowly sled backwards resting on the front of my VW bug.  She realized
her mistake too late but when she came out, she said to me “Mheshimiwa
umenigonga kutoka nyuma” (Honorable you just hit me from behind).  I just
had to smile as I opened my door.  The vehicles behind us sped off.  I
knew I had no witness.

Her car had minor damage and as she prepared to call the police, I
encouraged her to do it quick since this is a simple matter.  She then
says to me “a simple matter”.  I said yes.  What do you mean she retorted.
It is simple because my car is digital, I said.  Digital! what do exactly
mean she says.  My car has digital cameras all round and when the police
arrive, I just will show them exactly what went on.  She stops making her
call and started to look at my car carefully.  This time I tell her that I
am calling the police.  She then turns to me as says “this digital
business is not good, can we just agree that we just cover our costs”.  I
said no.  This is the very reason why I mounted a digicam on my car.

She starts to plead with me.  She offers to cover my cost.  I said no but
asked her to put it in writing that she was on the wrong.

Lesson 1:  Technology will help us correct our values.
Lesson 2: If all our PSV vehicles are mounted with cameras, we shall
gather good data to hep us deal with road carnage
Lesson 3:  There are other benefits that will accrue if car manufacturers
were to in-build cameras just like mobile phones.


This is a gem of a story written by Kenya’s former Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information and Communications, Doctor Bitange Ndemo.  He sure has a way with words, necessitating this repost.


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