Time once again for…more Russian dash cam car crashes! [video]


Admit it. You guys love it. Russian car crash dash cam carnage never seems to get old. So here’s another installment, fourth in my series on this blog, and this one’s quite formidable.

Highlights include: the car that gets peeled back like a can opener by the corner of a semi (0:57), the intersection of terror (beginning at 1:14), a horrifying head-on (beginning at 2:00), and the worst park job in the world, starting at 2:32. By the way, if anyone can tell me the metal song that happens to be playing on the radio during that crash, leave it in the comments below.

I still don’t fully understand the whole dash cam crash phenomenon, but it’s entertaining, in a very guilty way.

Russian car crashes are rapidly becoming a staple of this blog. If interested, here’s part one, here’s part two, and here is part three.

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