Solo female hitchhikers: good or bad?

Hitch-Hikers' Handbook

A couple of days ago we posted a story written by Maria, a friend of ours and a solo female hitch-hiker. We didn’t expect all the controversy it might raise, but it did and after a fire-fight of comments under the post, we got an email from Paul who believes that hitch-hiking is too dangerous to be exercised by girls on their own.

But who is Paul and what does he have to say? Paul has been a faithful follower of the blog, commentator and a contributor to our Travel Photography Competition and we got to know him (in the realm of internet) as a wise and well-travelled guy who hitch-hiked a lot in the past as well. Therefore his opinion was very valuable to us and we thought it’s an important topic to hear other people’s voices, so…

Have a look at Maria’s story + the comments underneath.


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