i am normally a very nice person

the rocking horse fly

so i ride the tram in manchester. you might not know this, but that is on the stress scale somewhere between being in prison and being buried alive.

today this was compounded by one of metrolink’s periodic episodes of complete loss of all functionality.  the most information the website provided (as the station signs said nothing) was “a service is running” which was totally helpful information.  the announcer then told us a tram would pick us up, but only take us halfway.  the tram would terminate at a non-terminus.  brilliant.

once we were abandoned at the tram stop of nowhere and nothing-ness it turned out a tram was but two minutes away – hurrah.  but it was actually so full that a scant 4 people could get on or off.  so we waited for another one.  when this one came we all shuffled on and down the rows.

it was…

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