Future with less driving?

Gas station without pumps

It seems that we have hit the peak of the mania for driving in the US, and have started a gradual return to sanity.  I found a graph of annual per capita miles driven for the past 40 years at SSTI to Transport Officials: Start Planning for a Future With Less Driving:

Note: this doesn’t mean that total driving has started heading down yet, since population is still rising. Nor can I  defend 9,500 miles per capita, since that is still a huge amount of driving, but it seems that there is a definite sustained downward trend.  It may take another 40 years to get back to more sane levels of driving (which I put at around 2,000 miles per capita per year), but I see some hope for the future.

Thanks to Richard Masoner, whose post  on Cycleicio.us pointed me to the dc.streetsblog.org post.

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