The Evening Post: Birmingham UPS Plane Crash

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Geek Alabama Evening Post

Early this morning on August 14th, a UPS cargo plane Airbus A300 crashed before it reached the runway at the Birmingham International Airport.  The lives of two pilots were lost and pieces of the plane was found in the yards of some homes nearby.

In this map below, you can see that the plane was approaching the runway from the north.  But somehow, the plane was short and it crashed in a field in the red circle below.  Thankfully this was only a field.

Several years ago, this area was filled with homes but the airport and the City of Birmingham has bought out homes in the field area.  When this happened this morning, it could have been much worse!  Photo from April Odom.


One of the pilots who was killed has been identified as Shanda Carney Fanning from Lynchburg, TN.   Fanning was the wife of Bret Fanning, who works at the Jack…

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