Bus Jesus

I recently had the strangest of experiences on the bus.

This man got onto the bus, very dirty, smelly even. The conductor at the first instance wanted to throw him out, but he insisted in Swahili, that he would pay.

Its not as though there is another option but to pay, by the way. Public transport here is quite severe, as I blogged earlier about getting punched….

But back to the story. He sat down, with people on his three seater seat shrinking away. Sitting precariously at the edge on the aisle, he started talking about prejudices.

Our nation is diverse, with many tribes and people congruent. In this bus in particular, we had people of arabic descent,bantus, nilotes and many more…

The man began speaking to people in their tongues, telling us not to judge people by what we perceive, to realize that we are all infinitismly human.

At the next stop, after his tongued speech, he got off.

I think I met Jesus.


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