Plane and Simple

Where in the World

Seven hours and counting…God I hate planes. It’s funny how my attitude on flying changes depending on the situation. I’m sure everyone’s been there. You’re in your house, packing, trying to fit as many clothes as possible into a suitcase and praying to God that it doesn’t weigh more than 50 lbs in order to avoid the airlines excessive overweight luggage fee. You’re just so excited that you would do anything to get to the airport right that second and start another adventure in your life. At that moment, who the hell cares about the flight? Not you. As long as it’s getting you somewhere other than your bedroom floor, it’s bliss.
WRONG. You get to the airport and everything changes. First, you spend a ridiculous amount of money on a taxi from wherever it is you’re coming from, unless you drive yourself of course. In that case, you spend…

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