The weekend (finally)

Marcie's Moments

Ah, the weekend. All the tests from Wednesday and Thursday are finally graded. I meet up with Mrs. Grace in-person at 9am to update her on how I’m destroying her classroom and ruining her students. She says I’m doing great, but there’s times I’m not too sure, especially after looking at these tests scores (SHEESH!) Patty is meeting with Mrs. Warren at the same time. After that, we get a weekend together WITHOUT 11 children to babysit.

Tomorrow is military pay day, because the 15th falls on Saturday, meaning world+dog will be jamming into in the stores and restaurants of Midwest City because they have money to spend. Which means once when get done with our professional duties, we’re coming back home to stay. I already have the cookout food thawing and prepared, and I plan to have supper ready just as everyone else rolls home from work.

I’m not…

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