Things I didn’t expect about my American homecoming

Musing the Universe


When traveling most people prepare to feel culture-shock going to a different country, not to feel culture-shock arriving in your own home country. This phenomena is often referred as ‘reverse culture-shock‘.
After having lived in China for four months in 2010, I had spent the last month of my stay anxiously awaiting my homecoming to America for New Years Eve. Little did I expect to feel more culture shock returning to America than I originally felt arriving in China for the first time!
Suddenly I could understand all of the conversations around me (which made my head want to burst), there was so many white people: who were anything from obese to insanely tall, I couldn’t remember how to speak English in common interactions (我要买这个,多少钱?), and I was left stumped any time I had to come up with responses in English.

Forward to 2013: As I was preparing for…

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