Trip-it and how it freaked me out


well folks, those jetsetters or globe trotters who are too busy to plan your schedule but have all the email notifications or booking confirmations sent to your email inbox?? now there’s the incredible and frightening amazing “gadget” to help you, introducing the one-and-only, freakishly awesome website –


once you allow access to your Gmail or any inbox, it can, wait for it, FREAKISHLY, list out ALL your itinerary, booking, flight schedule and wait for it, MILEAGE calculation for you, PLUS weather forecast and most shockingly, without having you doing ANYTHING, scary right?!!!!


Call me backward, but I deleted the trips immediately when I started receiving email reminders from showing me the different trips I have coming up and WHO I am travelling with, schedule, there is even a page that shows YOUR stats and all countries traveled…WOW, mind fuck to the max I tell you..

As much as…

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