(Riding the) Metro

Noun Sense

Metro assaults the senses. Doors ding; unintelligible, static-laden speech blares from speakers; strips of circular lights flash up and down the platforms; and trains heave in and out of stations, jostling the commuters, tourists, and residents within. Trains thunder through tunnels, wheels screeching as they round curves in the track. Every so often, the metal-on-metal screaming crescendos into perhaps the most unpleasant nails-on-a-chalkboard wail ever sensed. An acrid, burning-rubber smell sometimes emanates from deep within the tunnels. I think of this cacophony as the earth reminding us it was here first, and that we humans must earn the right to intrude into it.

Riding the Metro is usually a mundane activity. But remember when it wasn’t? In fifth grade, my drama teacher accompanied a few students to Ford’s Theatre for a live production of “A Christmas Carol.” What a thrill it was to ride the train with teachers, not parents…

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