Two rants inspired by but not limited to Maputo


Rant Number One: Rubbish! Junk! Garbage! Waste!

Now I know that if you have at least half a brain and decide to visit the capital city of a very poor country that was at war for 10 years, you don’t expect everything to be perfectly ship-shape.  Things will be a bit scruffy.  When you arrive in a new place you tend to notice things more acutely and over time these things that you have noticed will either just merge into the landscape and you will stop ‘seeing’ them, or they will continue to stand out and you will notice them again and again, as if new each time.  When I first saw the rubbish on the streets of Maputo I knew it would be one of those ‘things’ that I would either stop registering or that I would see (and smell) afresh everyday.

Perhaps because we walked around a lot…

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