My Pet Peeves About NYC Transit…


N Train

Here’s a list on my pet peeves about public transportation (in no particular order):

 -people who pin my shoulder under theirs while sitting next to me
-people who have loud conversations on the bus/subway in the morning or after I have ended my long shift at work
-people who hold on to a pole (on the subway) or the top of the seat in front of them (on the coach-like express bus) in a way in which entraps me
-people who let their kids run all around the subway car
-people who stand right next to me on the subway platform when they could have moved 2 inches to the left
-bus drivers who keep the bus at a 2-story level instead of lowering it so you can get on without exerting all the energy in your body
-bus drivers who try to convince you that you have nothing…

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