Melbourne commuters endure big squeeze


Overcrowding in Melbourne public trains has caused frustration among commuters. Reports show trains are 40% overloaded.

Overcrowding has been a constant bugging issue within the Metro trains in the city of Melbourne.

‘Our railway systems are quite big compared to other countries, but we have overloaded railways well beyond capacity.’ Professor Graham Currie, Chair of Public Transport said.

The Metro serves nearly 415,000 commuters daily, with a fleet of 403 trains.

With the high volume of daily commuters, the Metro runs on 15 electrified lines and nearly 215 stations excluding the city loop subway.

‘We are now at a point where we are about 40% overloaded in the peak.’ Professor Currie said.

Overcrowding has been a concern within both commuters and the government for the last 4 years.

‘The government has been a bit slow in upgrading these routes to cope with the overcrowding and encourage more growth.’ The President…

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