Rain and long queues, what the heck?

Moving at Cow's pace

Why when it rains the traffic gets terribly bad?  I know, everyone should take more care because the roads are wet but sometimes it just get to the point of being ridiculous.  Take last night for example, after a light rain the traffic just became chaotically stupid.  I have to rely on public transport and the queue at the bus stop was freaking long, I mean there were literally over 100 people standing in line.  Also, this particular street has about 6 different stops for other buses, which mean when you add up all the people on the one street, you are approaching over 600 people jamming together (this is on Hennessy road in front of Hysan Place in Causeway Bay).

The other thing is the frequency of the buses, for situation like this you would think there would more more buses to cater for this massive crowd but No, the line gets reduced…

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