Perspective! Are You In Charge?

Hajel's Musings

Traffic was at a standstill! I needed to get home, exercise, cook, read! There were so many things I knew I could be doing with my time other than being stuck on the road. Then I looked in my side mirror, saw the skies and took this photograph!

As I look at it now, a lot of things come to mind, you can see the traffic, you can see the seeming chaos and if you look closely enough, you can almost see the frustration in the mis-alignment of the cars. Someone is just looking for a little space, so he can cut in front of the other! As if to say, ‘you might be fine with the traffic but I’m not! Argggh!’ And that was exactly how I felt till I looked in my side mirror (can you see the car that’s actually doing that? LOL! We all have road…

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