You drive? Read this


There are many causes I believe in enough to write, rant, and rave about for hours on end, but one doesn’t seem to get as much articulate press as the others – and that’s horses on the road. It’s hard to know where to start here, except by saying that horses and people DIE if you hit them with a car. Not dent/get scratched/lose a bumper. Actual DEATH happens, and it happens more frequently than the average (non-horsey) person might realise.

Unlike other vulnerable road users, horse-riders don’t have a government funded campaign on the TV or radio. Maybe people have the mind-set that horsey-people are too rich to die, or maybe one assumes that knowledge of overtaking a bike can be put to use with overtaking horses (it can’t, by the way).

Country roads are becoming more and more frequented by non-country orientated people, putting the lives of us…

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