The Playroom: Chapter 1.


The Playroom

By Jane Benning.

Chapter One.

The conductor poked his head through the small compartment and requested the young woman’s boarding pass. Thin and pale with wide, child-like eyes, she looked exhausted. The light circle around her fourth finger hinted that she’d once worn a ring, but that it had been removed recently.

A young girl with chocolate curls lay asleep at her side.

Weary and nervous at traveling alone with her daughter, the young woman began leafing through her things.

“It’s somewhere in here, I know it is,” She sighed, shaking her head, “I just had it.” She set down her bag and reached for the hat box beneath her daughter’s legs.

The conductor placed his hand over hers and eyed her. “Don’t. Don’t bother the girl. Where are you off to?”

The young woman blinked up at him, confused. “Elisfield,” she said after a moment. She twisted…

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