Treacherous driving conditions lead to numerous crashes

Global News

Highway 1 east of Regina looked more like a crash test on Friday night.

“Everything’s fine until you hit this patch, so everyone’s going really fast and then they hit this patch and then they just… My vehicle’s in the ditch right there,” said Randi Wilton, who had spun out into the ditch.

She was just one of numerous drivers who had lost control. For those on the road, this stretch of highway 1 was nothing short of treacherous.

“…just crested the hill and the roads were a solid sheet of ice… pulled over to the shoulder and watched the action. It was just like a bowling alley, said Bill Rowein, who was also stranded on the highway.

Luckily, no one was seriously hurt. Still, those who weren’t injured had to wait hours while emergency crews attended the scene. On Saturday, Randi Wilton was waiting to get her car towed…

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