Parallel Park Much?

Seven Minutes Early

Learning how to parallel park is like learning how to sleep alone in the dark when you’re 3 years old and never had a room to yourself.

It’s positively hell on earth.

The worst is when there is someone behind you. I swear, they act like you just ran over a puppy, the glares they give you as they angrily manuver around your car to speed past. How dare I interrupt their driving groove, or even worse, momentarily delay them from getting where they have to go.

I am not a road-rage person, I find getting angry at others on the road who are probably just lost and confused an unnecessary waste of energy. Rather, I am a side-of-the-road-sobbing-when-things-go-wrong person (which of course is not an equally unnecessary waste of energy… …). Getting lost used to be the worst. My dad would pick up the phone with a histerical daughter…

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