What to do if your car runs out of gas in Qatar

Musings of Modern Day Nomads

When you first arrive in Qatar, you’ll notice men wearing Thobes and women wearing Abbayas. These are the long dress or cloak like attire in white for men and black for women. Men sport brown leather sandals and the women usually have a 4 inch heel minimum designer shoe. The clothing is  more cultural than religious and as someone who has done a fair share of travelling, the attire still seemed  stand-outish and took some getting used to. It also means that approaching someone dressed so differently can, at first,  be intimidating.

Now one thing Qatari men are known for besides driving what seems like the national vehicle: white Toyota landcruisers with racing stripes and giant antennas, are for being hoons. Hoons? For the Aussies out there, you weren’t expecting a connection with Qatar were you?   [The lowdown on hoons and hooning]. So now besides camels tying…

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