The most fun you can have in Suva for 70 cents

From Seattle To Suva

I speak, of course, of riding the city bus. The fare is 70 cents one way within the city, a bit more if you’re going to the “suburb” villages that abut Suva.  Even more shocking is that you don’t need exact change to ride: the drivers will change coins or even bills- I’ve paid a 70 cent fare with a $5 bill with no trouble.


The coin/fare box is in the open, and I’m surprised you never hear of thefts, as most buses don’t have doors (just door openings) and an evil person could jump on the bus, grab a bunch of coins and bills and hop off (I don’t think the coin boxes are attached to the bus).

(aside from the coin box near the gear shift, also note the stereo in the photo. That will be explained in a moment)

There are no free transfers, which makes sense…

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