Desert Adventure 1/2 – Mr. India







“Mr. India doesn’t fall, camels NEVER  fall”, Arka, our Desert guide chuckled.

He continued, “I saw you jump! Camels never fall, only turn”.

All of us burst out elatedly in laughter, especially Ollie, he had the loudest laugh. “Mate, that was hilarious! You flew off the camel and I saw everything!!”

Johan didn’t quite think so. He got up to his feet, in complete disbelief, and let out a  heavy grunt. It was like a scene in the movies, he stood there motionless, looking quite displeased, and sternly brushed the sand off, and checked his body to make sure that nothing was broken.

“Mr India doesn’t like me, at all! He threw me off!”  Johan put forward his case that Mr. India, his camel had thrown him off whilst sliding down the dunes.

“HAHAHHA, I don’t think so mate, you jumped off!”

“Nooooooo…………Really? I was…

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