Densha Onna

I see them at the weekend, camped out by the train tracks near my apartment. Their cameras are at the ready, perched jauntily on their tripods. These hobbyists are here for one thing only – trains. Yes, they are trainspotters, and passionate ones at that. I have seen boys as young as eight and  men in their forties lie in wait, as a lioness would stalk her prey, for that chance that comes perhaps only twice an hour.

Now, I am by no means an aficionado who is utterly enthralled by trains, but I do admit to liking them a great deal, especially in Japan. They are punctual, convenient, and great for people-watching (especially the Friday and Saturday night last trains). My favourite line happens to be the pea green Yamanote line. Why? It’s quite simple, really. It comes at regular 4 minute intervals on weekdays, it is one of…

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