Carpool Etiquette

Cheap Tights and Flavoured Vodka

Because my family made the (poor) choice to live in the suburbs, my means of getting into campus are incredibly limited. For my first year, I tried taking the incredibly unreliable, incredibly limited, incredibly expensive transit service that goes from the suburbs into the city. That only lasted a year before I was fed up with it. As shitty as it is to drive every day, riding a bus 1.5 hrs one way (on a good day, up to 2.5-3hrs on a shitty day) was far, far worse. So, in my second year of university we developed a carpool for those of us who were stuck outside of the city limits. So now there’s 3 of us on a regular basis and sometimes we pick up an extra straggler or two. For the most part, I like carpooling. We split the parking, and a little extra to pay for gas…

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