Camel Talk

The Annalist: Recording Events, Year by Year

The word “Timmay” in Mongolian sounds like of the English name Timmy. It means camel, and is one of my favourite words. I always imagine a young camel with a British accent whose name is Timmy. (Remembering words by association helps me learn, as well as offering an amusing creative outlet.)

Living in the city however, our encounters with camels are generally limited to the kind found only in tourist shops – stuffed and smaller than a bread loaf.

But now, we have proof of a living encounter!

Coming home from 2 nights away at a ger camp for a mid-term retreat we saw the hawk-man at the side of the road. The hawk-man has some pretty big hawks (or eagles or vultures, depending on the day  I think) to pose with for a photo, but  a pair of camels were at the side-road tourist stop today.

We said “Why…

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