A couple things Santiaguinos should learn from New Yorkers

don't call me tican i'm rican

I believe people who live in large cities should live by some simple rules.  These rules are necessary for an amicable living experience.  I don’t come from a large city; I’m from San Juan; Puerto Rico’s largest city which has almost 390,000 inhabitants.  According to Wikipedia San Juan is the 46th largest city in the United States… who knows.  The point is that to me Santiago is a humongous city, everything is far away and going to places takes up a lot of time.

Living in Santiago has made me an angry person.  I realize that I feel mad at many times and this is not usual in me.  Back home in the Caribbean I’m a happy camper (most of the times). The main difference?  Here I walk, use public transportation and have four seasons. 

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