Pensacola and the Solar Powered Electric Train

Good Clean Living

In the spirit of “thinking big,” I present a concept that Pensacola should get ready for: A solar powered electric train system.

The route will begin at UWF, run south to the hospitals and airport, PJC and Cordova, and continue to the downtown bayfront. At that point, the route will go south, with stops in Gulf Breeze and, ultimately, Pensacola Beach. From our downtown kiosk, the path continues west to Naval Air Station, Pensacola. Trains would be equipped with WiFi, and annual or one-time-ride passes would be for sale. Active Military, seniors, and students would ride for a discount.

Speaking of kiosks, concession and management contracts would stay local. So, if we had 20 stopping points along the route, passengers would indulge in a coffee or some dining from a local provider, as opposed to Starbucks or Subway. In addition to keeping concession and service contracts local, the impact on…

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