How to get from mountain settlement to civilisation

The Fernweh Frau

omanTucked away into the Middle East between big brother Saudi Arabia and little brother U.A.E, the Sultanate of Oman is full of majestic surprises; the Al Hajar mountains, for one.

This photo is taken atop Bilad Sait, a small mountain settlement at nearly 3,000 feet in the Dakhiliyah region of Oman’s interior. To me, it is an iconic picture of the Sultanate because the mountains are symbolic of what makes Oman so naturally reclusive; its landscape, that’s what!

I was a Tour Guide in Oman for four years and it is these mountains that have become, over the years, my most enduring memory of the country. And this picture says it all. It shows you how to get back down to where you came from, because Allah knows, living in the mountains is not everyone’s cup of kahwa (Arabic coffee).

Needless to say, the sign has been erected for the…

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