The Truth about Size

Lizzi goes Luxe

Firstly, I want to apologise about the sheer lack of postage that’s been happening on this blog. I really have no excuse other than I was uninspired and busy. Needless to say the past two months or so have involved me pretending to be good at living on my own. This chic, yes this chic right here is not ready for independence. With my new living arrangements, I have come to the shocking realisation that maybe just maybe I will never be totally financially or emotionally independent. I mean it is a pretty simple concept ‘GET A JOB’ but no, it is not that easy. Everyone says ‘you need more experience’ well that’s great – how about you give me some freaking experience. People are so annoying these days. Also I like to buy things, and my obsession with Doc Martens and platform heels does not in any way, shape…

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