Ten Things Every Driver Needs to Know

Ichitaka05's Auto Blog

This is so TRUE! I wish EVERY driver know this… or at least read it

Reference: jalopnik


10.) The Left Lane Isn’t For You

It’s for passing, not for cruising at or juuuust above the speed limit.

Suggested By: RXEight, Photo Credit: Jason Torchinsky/Jalopnik

9.) Merging Is All About Flow

Merging is difficult for most people, apparently. Remember that you’re part of a whole traffic flow, not just a single car against many others. Reader Grrrowler has a few simple rules for merging.

1. It’s impossible to merge when going significantly faster or significantly slower than the traffic you’re merging with. Slowing down to 20 when traffic is doing 65 does make the merge safer. In fact, it has quite the opposite effect.

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