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China Railways

China is the largest country in the world by population (around 1.3 billion people), and the second largest by land area. To transport these masses of people and the products they construct and consume over such great distances, China also has the third largest railway network by route kilometers (91,000) just behind Russia and the USA. China has 6% of the world’s railway track, but handles 25% of the world’s railway traffic.

In terms of passenger rail transport, China is an amazing place. Trains criss cross the country, serving almost every city and town. Trains run from Beijing to 6 other countries (North Korea, Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan  Vietnam & Hong Kong), as well as far flung Chinese cities such as Kashgar, Urumqi & Lhasa. The journey from Guangzhou to Lhasa is a massive 4980 km, taking 55 hours.

Long distance trains are inexpensive, fast and frequent (and usually reliable). Conventional Chinese…

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