Train Travellers

Simone de Boer - Photographs

Train Travellers

Although I think the Dutch train colours are pretty intense, I like the bizarre sight of a bright yellow worm-shaped thing speeding through a flat green landscape. To me, trains symbolize some kind of adventure. A little bit of mystery.

What you see here, is a cold weekday evening on a train platform. What I like most, is the simultaneous sense of busyness and tranquillity. Cars driving, mills turning, factories working, trains coming and going… and people, minding their own business, lost in thought (or their smartphones), or having quiet conversations. And of course, the frosty sky lit by a beautiful sunset.

I find it fascinating that all those people ride the same vehicle, but other than that, have no connection whatsoever. Do not even know each other’s names. They all have their own and different stories. Experiences at work or somewhere else. Their own and different destinations. People waiting…

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