A “Fare” Trade


My commute includes two subway lines and a bus, so I feel comfortable saying that I am dependent on public transit.

Most of the time, I bury my face in a magazine, listen to my iPod and drink a tall latte doing my best to ignore other commuters.  Two out of five days have me walking the four avenues to work rather than waiting for a bus that does not come.  And the majority of mornings, I find myself waiting to hear “due to train traffic ahead…”  blah, blah, I am late to work.  So, imagine my joy [she said sarcastically] when I heard that the fare rates are going up again.

I think it is only f-cking fair that I receive a refund when the train cannot deliver me to my destination.  If I only get half way there, I should only have to pay half the fare.


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