Girls Biking to Work

I have a complicated relationship with reflective clothing. I love how it makes me more visible and therefore safer while I’m riding my bicycle. I hate wearing flashy stuff (ha!) when I’m off the bike. Since I generally use my bike for transportation, there’s a fine balance to be struck.

Here are my top three picks for office-compatible reflective gear.

1. Beamer reflective saddle bag (on sale at Team Estrogen)


The best solution to this conundrum is to add reflective stuff to your bike – not your butt. The saddle bag I have on my main commuter has reflective trim that is highly visible from three sides. An all-reflective version would be even better.

2. Novara Edgewater Bike Jacket

Novara Edgewater Jacket

There’s a lot of bike commuter clothing with reflective material hidden behind a weird, otherwise inexplicable flap. I don’t own this jacket and can’t speak to other aspects of it’s bike-worthiness…

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