Ode to Bus 71

Go Karlmans

To get around Bangkok, there are options a’plenty,
Motorbikes, taxis, tuk-tuks and trains,
Vans, boats transport la gente,
(But some more than others can be real pains.)
But for danger, excitement and plenty of fun,
None can beat Bus 71!

In taxis, meter and pressure upward do tick
When in snarled traffic you helplessly sit,
Of taking advantage, drivers are quick
Driving ’round and  ’round ’til you throw a fit.
For travel most cheaply and easily done,
Oh there is none like Bus 71!

Motorbikes: scary,
Tuk-tuk routes: short,
And with their prices, one must be chary.
Use good sense — or as last resort.
Price variation on buses is done,
But none go too high on Bus 71!

Oh song-taews are speedy, and also quite cheap
With them, there’s no problem
—Except crowding. And frequent stops. And pollution. (Oh wait, there’s a heap).
Prices are fixed, so there’s no…

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