How to Eat Food on a Plane

Distracted by the Shiny

If you’ve ever flown, you know that one of the greatest hazards you will face, after crying children, people who blow their noses right next to you, and, of course, snakes, is dealing with airline food.

Oh, not the part about whether it will be edible or not. Airline food has gotten surprisingly better since the days of early air travel when you had to wait to get your lunch until the plane stopped in Cedar Rapids for gas.

No, airline food isn’t a meal at a five-star restaurant or anything, but if you catch the right airline, then you’ll very likely be offered up something that has some aesthetic appeal, comes with a brownie, isn’t bland on the old taste buds, and won’t (immediately) kill you. Given that last, though, and since the choice is also almost always pasta or chicken, go with the pasta. It (almost) certainly won’t…

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