Geek on Wheels – winter weather whining wordsmithing


Ok, let’s get this out-of-the-way immediately. In my first winter of being in a wheelchair (2011-12) I got spoiled. Toronto barely had anything we could even call a winter, with the least amount of snow in decades. I think there was one day with enough snowfall that I felt it wasn’t safe for me to stumble out to the car and deal with the chance of slipping. So I really didn’t get a great idea of how being in a chair would be once real snow hit.

This winter is certainly changing that.

Now, look…I already know I’ve whined and moaned and bitched about this on Facebook, even promised to make the statement every winter for rest of my life. That brought the standard links to high-powered tank tread wheelchairs, questions about chains on the tires and the like. It’s all very haha and I do appreciate the humour…but it…

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