Snowbank Removal!

Simone In Ottawa

I have a small obsession with the snowbanks in this town and the process by which, when they get too big, they are removed.  I think it’s because I have never lived in a place where snowbank removal was necessary on the same scale.  I grew up in a small town in Ontario, and we got a lot of snow, but I guess because it was a small town, the houses were farther apart and there was always lots of room for the snow to be plowed. I’m pretty sure they didn’t take the snowbanks away in that town.  In Waterloo, where I lived in University the city didn’t even plow the sidewalks, let along take the snow banks away, again, I don’t recall this ever being a problem.  In Vancouver, well, they didn’t even plow the streets, let along the sidewalks and no, there was obviously no need to…

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