Confessions of a Blind 20 Something

This year, the Midwest has been getting hit pretty hard with snow storm after snow storm, which means mounds of disgusting, brown, dirty dog pissed snow have been piled high on what was once grass. That’s all good and fine, except that the guys responsible for cleaning the roads do their thing, the guys responsible for clearing sidewalks do their thing, and it turns out that nobody is responsible for that crucial between street and sidewalk area called the curb. Even though I live in an extremely pedestrian-friendly city, clearing the curb by the crosswalks is apparently a part of nobody’s jurisdiction, so every time I cross I have to climb a 3 ft mountain. Of course, there’re plenty of other pedestrians around, who dutifully clear a 3 inch path in the mountain for others to walk through, but it’s pretty hard to find that 3 inches when you’re blind…

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