The 10 Worst Morning Commuters

girl without a dream.

10. The Narcoleptic

I understand you didn’t have your morning coffee yet, but driving into my lane on the highway is less than desirable. Stop falling asleep and get your shit together.

9. The Selfish Merger

From my understanding, when two lanes merge into one and there is excessive traffic, there is a rule: one car from each side gets a turn. Left car, Right car, left car, etc… It’s only fair. Selfish Merger goes when he feels like going. He’s a non-conformist. He makes his own damn rules. He’s going directly after the car from his own lane in front of him. What a dick.

8. The Cell Phone Junkie

I just have a question: who the fuck are you calling at 7am?

7. The Excessive Honker

We are in bumper-to-bumper traffic…. where do you think you are going? It’s early, dude. My ears are not equipped for that…

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