1001 nights of hatred

A thousand and one nights of hatred

I HATE people. I just really hate people, I swear.

I mean, why do people have to talk to each other? Like, when we commute to places? Why do you have to ask another person if their vehicle is licensed, or if their necklaces are charms? Seriously, fuck off. Just leave the damn people alone with their thoughts, shiitsss.

Also, I HATE people who are narrow-minded. Gahd. You know, when you’re stating your opinion, all happy and dandy and shit. Like, I was minding my business, just saying that I hope for these two fictitious characters to have sex, (in their own mind and rights, of course). And this bitch be all up in my face, telling me I’m perverted and that we should keep the innocence between them. BITCH, you do not tell me what to think. I have no problem with these two fictitious characters not…

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