These companies want to take the complexity out of online travel booking, but can they?


Booking a long-distance journey online can be a fragmented affair. Travel operators like to keep it that way: they want to keep control over offers and pricing, so they steer customers to book directly on their websites. That’s why we have services such as Skyscanner that make it possible to compare offers on different airlines, for example, but that will always send you to the chosen airline’s own website to seal the deal.

But, as two Berlin-based startups called GoEuro and Waymate show, change is underway – a new generation of heavily algorithm-driven travel site promises to make it much easier to compare different types and combinations of transport type, from air to rail to bus, and perhaps even to book multimodal journeys through a unified portal. GoEuro announced the closure of a hefty $4 million seed financing round today, so let’s talk about them first.

Big solutions need big…

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