First it was Windsor Street, Parkside, with a meandering, leafy pedestrian way between Unley’s Wattle Street and the Henry Codd Reserve. That was about six years ago, and is now the home for blue-tongue families and re-visiting red-rumped parrots. A year or so ago that walkway was extended (albeit with a pathway shared by cyclists) between Henry Codd and Unley Road.

Now, after some prolonged negotiations and nudges from “Grumpy”, preliminary plans have been drawn up for the transformation of the southern side of nearby Randolph Avenue into a similar wildlife haven. This one having been in the wings for almost a decade while the existing elms descended further and further into their declining years. As usual, all affected residents will be given the opportunity for input into the final design.

Meanwhile my co-councillor, John Koumi, has pressed successfully, with my support, for an expansion and revamp of the small…

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